Student of the Month: October – Nathalie Gatti!

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NGatti_blogFirst time Liberty Junction student, Nathalie Gatti is our shining star this month! 11 year old Nathalie plays a Winkie Guard, an Ozian and an Apple Tree in the GOLD CAST of our production of The Wizard of Oz! This vibrant student sat down with me to talk about some of her favourite things about being in Musical Theatre for the first time.

“I play a good Apple Tree because I’m so ‘attitudey'”, Nathalie tells me! She explains that it’s fun to play an Apple Tree because it’s like “an old granny telling you to get off her lawn – she’s just grumpy and has attitude!”.

I asked Nathalie what her favourite part about rehearsals was and she told me she loves learning improv because “I really like talking and moving around without a script to follow…and no one tells you to say certain lines! It’s whatever you want!”.

Nathalie told me that her favourite choreography to learn so far is “The Merry Ol’ Land of Oz” because of some fast hand clapping and weaving dance moves – which you’ll get to see if you come to see her in the show!

We chose this spunky 11 year old as our Student of the Month because she has really been excelling in rehearsals, learning difficult harmonies and picking up the choreography quickly too. Nathalie has an infectious positive attitude and has made a lot of new friends in the cast.

Congratulations on achieving Student of the Month Nathalie, we’re really proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and your potential as an actor and performer! Keep up the great work. 🙂

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