Neverland Cast Student of the Month- Mackenzie!

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Meet Mackenzie! She has been with Liberty Junction since joining in 2012 in the Sound of Music.  In our musical theatre course of Peter Pan, Mackenzie has three roles in the Neverland cast; “Nana” the Darling family beloved canine friend, Panegal, a lost boy and Tinkerbell, the mischievous fairy from Neverland. Mackenzie has come to class consistently prepare and rehearsed. Our director Rory De Brouwer, noticed Mackenzie’s attention to detail, focus and excellent work ethic.

Mackenzie’s favourite part of the Peter Pan course has been doing the mask work as Nana. “It’s really challenging to play so many roles but I like it! When I play Tinkerbell, I have to remember to have light feet.”  Mackenzie has also been learning a British RP (received pronunciation) dialect. “It’s fun working on dance choreography and the RP accent. I practice with my mom and use the Meisner technique to memorize my lines.”

Mackenzie is so used to her “clump” staging (never standing in a straight line on stage) that when her teacher at school told the students to line up, she automatically stood ‘out of line’ as she had been practicing and got herself in a bit of pickle. I guess those rehearsal habits are paying off… well mostly!

Congratulations on being student of the Month Mackenzie! We are proud of you!