Audition for The Addams Family Musical Feb 27-29

  • award winning 10-week course
  • rehearse 2x week
  • develop performance & life skills
  • mentorship by industry professionals
  • join a friendly community 
  • 3 streams/levels ensemble to lead
Course Runs March 24-May 31
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For 11+ years, we've been succeeding in:


Our skilled and caring professionals will help each child and teen grow in their performance & life skills.


Make new friends in this intensive and rewarding course. Risk together to create life-long bonds. Every student is accepted and celebrated!

Professional show

We value excellence and hold a high standard in our performances from costumes to tech.  Students are encouraged from Auditions to Closing Night!

What Our students say

This training program is an amazing opportunity to develop, expand and explore your talents as an actor and along the way, you get to make new friends & have fun!

Alexandra- age 15

I am so thankful for being part of LJT. The instructors brought me out of my shell & immersed me in amazing theatre skills, from vocal coaching to dance to acting.

Karim -age 17

What Our Parents say

Gaston and Silly Girls

We were blown away by the effort and time that goes into a production like this. The team is professional, encouraging, talented, and their skills combined pull out the best in the kids that attend LJT classes. Ian loved his time there. His LJT friends became like family, and he gained confidence and skills that will last a lifetime.

Christine- proud mama

Musical Theatre teens

I just wanted to say how kind and inclusive this group has been for Kimberlie and what an amazing experience being part of this production has been for her. She shifted to feeling like an outsider to a sense of belonging- she said she'd not done anything but they had come to her - showing interest in her sketches and asking her questions about herself and all of a sudden she felt a part of it all. Feeling like she belongs is probably something I want more for Kimberlie than anything in this world. And your kids gave her that in this production....so thank you. They are an amazing group of kids ❤

Amy- proud mama