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More than Singing Lessons.

So much more than singing lessons. Graziella Mastrangelo (read bio) is a skilled vocal coach and piano instructor. She can help your child or teen master breathing techniques and how to story tell while they sing.

  • Availability: Spring 2017

    Sundays, Monday afternoons, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

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  • “Not only did Graziella help shape my vocal technique and stage presence, but she taught me to be confident. Lessons with Graziella are full of discovery, fun, and are always tough – she has continually challenged me to be a better performer.”
    ~ Carly Clydesdale

  • Graziella is a dynamic performer with a gorgeous soaring voice. She is a delight to share the stage with and an equally passionate instructor. She takes her passion and experience from the stage and brings them to life when working with students of any age. She has a lot to share and is great at delivering the material in a fun, and playful manner.
    ~ Ryan Whittal

  • “I thoroughly enjoy working with Graziella! Her professionalism, insight, encouragement, and eagerness to help are outstanding and always greatly appreciated. Graziella is a resourceful, self-motivated individual who is an indispensable resource to any project, production, or collaborative process she lends her hand to.” ~
    Sarah Granger

  • “Graziella has excellent vocal range and proper vocal technique, which she shares with her students as inspiration and example. She is approachable and very easy to work with. She is always fun and goofy, but likes to get down to business when it is time to work! She would be an asset to any cast and/or studio!”
    ~ Katherine Rader