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Little Stars

Ages 4 – 6

Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm


Little Stars students will learn about theatre, how the stage is set, and how to find not just their place on stage, but their voice. Some techniques covered will include but not be limited to Improv,  Tableaux, Choral Speaking, Basic Choreography, Learning Lines and How to Say Them: Emotional Voices, and more. Their course will culminate in both a Christmas Cabaret and Spring Showcase to be performed at the Studio Theatre.

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    To uphold higher health & safety standards to due to Covid-19, this studio facility is limited to 15 PARTICIPANTS per class. Students will be grouped by age.
  • Please provide information regarding the participant's medical history, including all drug and food allergies, pre-existing illnesses, physical, behavioural, emotional concerns or any medication they may require. *If your child has been diagnosed or suspected of having autism or ADHD, anxiety etc., please let us know. Knowledge is power! This is an inclusive environment where all are welcome and aim to be sensitive to our students' needs.