COMPANY 2020/21



Ages 8-19

Rehearsal Days TBA

$750 + HST

COMPANY is our professional style musical theatre performance opportunity for young performers. You'll find this rehearsal style is quite familiar to what you have come to expect from the LJT Experience. COMPANY is how your child or teen can participate in a full scale Musical throughout the year. Because of the uncertainty of professional theatre re-openings for the 2020/21 season, we have opted to have our 2020/21 COMPANY Season produced entirely in house at our new Black Box style Studio Theatre.

Our new vision of weekly acting classes run tandem to COMPANY so that the skills built through the week, can be explored and developed further throughout COMPANY rehearsals. COMPANY rehearsals will not introduce or teach the basic skillsets acquired through weekly classes, but will expand upon them. 

In future years we hope to continue the tradition of performing our full scale musicals at professional theatres, as we have done in the past. 

On Stage
Dec. 4-6, 2020


Sorry, this Production is AT CAPACITY.

On Stage
April 16-18, 2021


COMPANY Registration

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    To uphold higher health & safety standards to due to Covid-19, this studio facility is limited to 15 PARTICIPANTS per cast. Students will be grouped by age to try and align with their weekly class cohorts.
  • Please provide information regarding the participant's medical history, including all drug and food allergies, pre-existing illnesses, physical, behavioural, emotional concerns or any medication they may require. *If your child has been diagnosed or suspected of having autism or ADHD, anxiety etc., please let us know. Knowledge is power! This is an inclusive environment where all are welcome and aim to be sensitive to our students' needs.
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    *Please note this is a one time payment. You will not receive any other invoices, or payment schedules for COMPANY participation.