Choosing our Spring Musical

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Decisions! Help us choose our Spring Musical 2016

Choosing a musical or play is not an easy task- for Winter, Spring or Fall. This Spring will mark Liberty Junction Theatre’s 8th year running! In that time, we have produced 3 productions a year, totalling for 8 plays and 13 musicals! That is lot of titles and a lot of kids, teens and adults who have participated in our shows.  Every production is it’s own “animal”. And I so enjoy the variations from show to show. I especially love seeing our students grow from course to course and how they take hold of the ensemble, supporting or leading role they receive.

This Winter, we are taking a break from the usual winter play, and are focusing on developing our students’ performance skills; acting, singing, (tap) dancing, improv and overall confidence as a performer.

Spring is right around the corner and auditions for our next musical theatre course will arrive with it. A lot of parents and kids have asked me if I’ve chosen anything yet. Choosing a title is no easy task. On top of that, casting is a heavy responsibility that I take very seriously. We never pre-cast or have any roles solidified before we choose a title, so there are no guarantees that you’ll find the actor you’re looking for.

So, I decided to write this blog post to put the feelers out there to hear what you’re interested (or not interested) in being a part of next. Here is some criteria that I look for when choosing a musical.

  • Is this musical geared toward the current age groups at Liberty Junction?
  • Does this musical feature multiple leading roles?
  • Does this musical feature an interesting/positive storyline?
  • Are males interested in auditioning for this title?
  • Are the characters well-developed- will LJT kids want to play these supporting roles?
  • How many ensemble numbers are there? too many/ not enough?
  • What is the music level- easy, intermediate, difficult- for the time we have to rehearse?
  • Is this similar to a musical we’ve recently done?
  • What is the scope/level of the acting, singing in dancing required?

I have narrowed it down to a few musicals, but I am open to your suggestions! Feel free to comment with your suggestion. My biggest suggestion would be to look up the links I pasted below to see if there are other roles besides the leading/obvious role that has made the musical famous. ie. “Aladdin” a rather small leading cast, and only 1 female lead. Not ideal for the LJT community at this time.

The Serious student:

Take a look at the shows website and do your own searching of the roles you’d be excited to play in each musical.  PS Newsies & Matilda do not have rights available for licensing yet.

Melanie’s challenge: find 3 supporting and ensemble roles that you would be excited to play in each musical.

The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid (12 roles + ensemble)

Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Flounder, King Triton, Ursula… The Mersisters (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana) are Ariel’s siblings and full of personality and sass. The Tentacles are extensions of Ursula, perhaps the poor unfortunate souls who are now trapped in her lair. Flotsam and Jetsam are Ursula’s slippery spies. Scuttle is the know-it-all seagull who serves as Ariel’s expert on humans. The Gulls are Scuttle’s flock of zany “back-up singers” who help explain human stuff to Ariel. Grimsby is Prince Eric’s prim and proper valet. Chef Louis is the over-the-top head chef in the palace. The Chefs are Chef Louis’s assistants. Carlotta is the headmistress in Prince Eric’s palace and Ariel’s greatest human ally. The six Princesses try everything they can to win the heart of Prince Eric. Pilot is the head sailor on Prince Eric’s ship. Sailors: the crew of Prince Eric’s ship. Seahorse: is the court herald for King Triton. Sea Chorus: is responsible for creating each world within the show. The Sea Creatures are the ensemble under water animals in King Triton’s court. Merfolk, Lagoon Animals: try to convince Prince Eric to kiss Ariel.



Shrek The Musical

Shrek (35 roles + ensemble)

Shrek, Fiona, Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, Lord Farquaad, Donkey, Dragon, Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Little Ogre, Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs, Ugly Duckling, The Three Bears,Wicked Witch, Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, Captain Of The Guard, Knights, Dwarf & Ensemble.




AnnieAnnie the Musical (25 roles + ensemble)

The Orphans: Annie, Molly, Tessie, July, Duffy, Kate and Pepper and other girls who have been orphaned in New York City.  These girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and loveable. Miss Hannigan, Grace Farrell, Warbucks’ Assistant, Rooster & Lily who con Annie, Mr. Warbucks, Sandy the Dog, Mr. Drake, Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Pugh.