Anticipation is building for Winter season…..

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Anticipation is building for our Winter season and we’re so excited to be launching our courses this week! It’s a rainy Monday…and you know what that means? Planning day!  All of the details are coming together for our Winter Play, Peter Rabbit, for kids aged 7-12 and for our Spring Musical, Hairspray, for teens aged 13-18!

We have a new course up our sleeves too, which is for toddlers and pre-schoolers – it’s called KinderMusik and it’s going to be awesome. Imagine all the tiny children learning instruments?! (Cue the “Awwww!”)

We only have a MONTH before Peter Rabbit auditions begin, so stay tuned for registration information this week!

You may ask, “How can you look at a computer screen all day and work on the website?”….. The answer is simple… I have a Bath & Body Works candle  that smells AMAZING – Leaves scent….it smells like Christmas + apple pie + fall all that the same time! Perfect for a rainy day.

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I also have… SNACKS! A girl can’t work without some treats to keep her going…right? And I’ve been listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack for the evening too… you can’t help but sing along!

It’s crazy…we’re like the Energizer Bunnies here at LJT – we just keep going, and going, and going! (Note the orange paper to the left) We start The Wizard of Oz and just when that gets rolling, we start our awesome new film course with actress Kate Todd, and just when that gets going, we launch our winter courses! And after Peter Rabbit auditions, we’ll be moving into the theatre for the Wizard of Oz!

After weeks of trying to get our scheduling ironed out for Winter, we hope you’ll like what we have to offer your kids for the Winter 2014 Season!

We are starting Hairspray too – for the teens right after Peter Rabbit starts…never mind the energizer bunny…we’re little Peter Rabbit bunnies! 🙂

Stay tuned for the Winter/Spring registrations to open THIS WEEK!



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