André Kim-Liberty Junction’s Degrassi Actor

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Andre Kim, Degrassi actor

Andre Kim – Liberty Junction Theatre Student Alumni and Degrassi actor

Andre Kim was kind enough to answer a few questions about auditioning, his experience on Degrassi and how his time spent at LJT helped him to achieve his goals and here’s what he had to say!

“Being on Degrassi is such a great experience for me and the journey towards that destination was long and well worth it, but I think we have to start from the beginning. When I was younger I had to move schools in grade three and losing all my friends was hard. Having to adjust to a new school and new friends I had to find something to express myself with so I found acting”, says Andre. His first production with LJT was A Play With Words back in 2009 directed by Melanie Miles. “After that first great experience I did a few more things with Liberty Junction Theatre. Melanie also personally helped me with my monologue for my audition and got me into Cawthra Park Secondary School for drama.”

I asked Andre about his journey to landing the role of Winston Chu on Degrassi and this is his story: “After doing a few productions for my school I felt as if I needed more things to do that involved acting. So I landed a lead role in a short film at Ryerson University. That experience was amazing and the person who played my father thought my acting was pretty good so he sent me a video audition for Degrassi.” Andre says that after a few months appearing in a small recurring role, “I suddenly got a principal role on a huge TV show”! The LJT Alum feels that “the first season [has been a] truly a great experience and it made me continue my acting career by taking more classes and auditioning for more projects”.

I asked the actor what he would say to our young actors who want to grow as performers and he said, “Never let anyone tell you to stop dreaming. In fact having a “fall back” is a huge trap because it motivates you less to go for acting. At the same time every audition is a chance to showcase your skills to everyone because they keep those auditions if you are good, so even though you don’t get in for that role, you still have a chance for other roles because you did a killer audition. Never stop dreaming and never stop trying!”

Thanks André – it’s been so wonderful to see you grow as an actor! Always know that you have fans here at LJT. All the best in your acting career and future endeavours! Come back to visit us soon!

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